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Micro base station power supply is designed for 5G communications market development of power system, contains the power supply module (rectifier, monitoring unit, communication unit and power distribution unit) and lithium battery module, modular, fully digital and high energy density etc, support vertical and horizontal placement, available for wall hanging, derrick, Angle steel installation scenarios, suitable for outdoor tower light pole stand, indoor distribution weak current well, micro station harsh place and etc.
Application scenarios
1⃣️ 5G Micro base station;
2⃣️ Outdoor tower lamp post station;
3⃣️ Indoor distribution weak current well;
4⃣️ RRU.
Enterprise communication station
🚀 Small size, light weight, support single person installation, rapid deployment;
🚀 Support local mobile phone APP monitoring, free of lever maintenance;
🚀 IP65 protection class, support outdoor use;
🚀 Various communication modes :RS485, CAN, NB-IOT/ 4G, Bluetooth, dry contact interface;
🚀 Diversified installation methods to adapt to a variety of complex installation scenarios;
🚀 Natural heat dissipation, fanless design, high reliability.

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